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Day 1

Posted by iwanttodothat on August 31, 2009


7:10 woke-up, took meds, drank glass of water

7:20 walked 25 minutes until my sciatica made it unbearable (Rxed 30-45 min@4.0 mph!)

8:00 ate breakfast, 8 slices (4.4 oz) canadian bacon, 2 slices ww bread, 1T raw almond butter, 1c canteloupe

Breakfast, Day 1

Breakfast, Day 1

My morning snack and lunch are packed. Still need to pick up almonds and strawberries from the store this morning, so my snacks are complete for the day.

10:30 snack – 1c plain non-fat yogurt, 2 packets of Truvia, 1 med. banana, 1oz. (24 pieces) raw almonds (had to eat these in the car)

Snack 1, Day 1

Snack 1, Day 1


12:40 lunch – 2c romaine lettuce, 2c raw broccoli florets, 6oz chicken breast, 1T evoo, Mrs. Dash, 5oz sweet potatoes

Lunch, Day 1

Lunch, Day 1

2 cups of raw broccoli is a LOT of broccoli! I just couldn’t stuff the last couple of florets in my mouth. I forgot to pack my sweet potatoes in my lunch, so during lunch time, I drove home and ate them, all 5 ounces, and returned to my activity. I didn’t want to mess up this first day!

4:00 snack – 10 ww crackers, 1/2c strawberries, 1T raw almond butter

Snack 2, Day 1

Snack 2, Day 1

This snack was delicious! I put a little dab of almond butter on a cracker, then topped with a half of strawberry! Mmm!

Received a note from Maggie telling me that I would be doing a 5K before the year’s out to get my feet wet for the Disney event. Excellent! Apparently, we will be discussing this tomorrow at my first personal training session. I’m so excited! I think my blood sugar is actually been steady all day. Yes, I could take a nap, but I’m not going to. I’m going to eat dinner with my family, get clothes and food ready for tomorrow, then go to bed earlier.

6:45 ate supper with the family. 8 oz. chicken breast, 1c steamed broccoli, 1c brown rice, Mrs. Dash. I got totally sidetracked by making dinner for the rest of the family that I forgot to add the onions and scallions! That would’ve made it taste better. It was good, but it could’ve been better. I basically made a chicken broccoli stir fry with a little oil and garlic for the rest of the family. Didn’t have any low sodium soy sauce, so I didn’t use any for myself. I need to put that on my shopping list. You can see how not exciting this dinner was. I cut up the chicken and put the broccoli in the bowl before the rice was finished, then I just dumped it on top. It actually tasted pretty good, but was a bit boring.

Dinner, Day 1

Dinner, Day 1

I’m going to get my clothes and food ready for tomorrow, then it’s to bed. Personal training at 8am.

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And the scale says…

Posted by iwanttodothat on August 28, 2009

Okay, I had a great meeting with my trainer. I haven’t weighed myself in quite awhile, actually, and a few months ago, I exceeded the 350-lb scale at my endocrinologist’s office. That was embarrassing. Well, I got on the scale today, and it was exactly 350.0 lbs. What a great, yet miserable, place to start. I have signed on for a program that will last until October 20. The craziest part of that, is that we will be vacationing at Disney World for 8 days during that time: staying at a resort, eating at fancy restaurants every day, etc. My trainer is already requesting menus for our restaurants, so ¬†she can work it all into my eating plan for that week. I expect I will have some of the nutritional aspects of my makeover down by then, especially if I can successfully navigate a Disney vacation with the Epcot Food & Wine Festival.

It’s not all about food. I purchased 12 1-hour training sessions, and will be using those at her home fitness salon (which is really beautiful and private!) on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from 8-9am. After a month of that, I hope I learn something. One of the greatest things will be that she will be doing all the thinking for me, and I just have to bust my ass doing it all: sticking to the eating plan and working out.

My first major fitness goal is to finish a 5K in under an hour. I would like this to be the Disney 5K held on their Marathon Weekend in January. Can this be done? Can I do it by then? It sounds impossible, but Maggie has a plan for me to get there! Yes!

We also discussed my desire to fence. She’s excited about that and wants to check out the local fencing club with me. I can’t wait!

Summary of today: reviewed my paperwork, scheduled personal training sessions, took photos, talked about food and the eating plan, weighed in, took measurements, etc. Was told that my eating plan starts Monday, so if I need to get anything out of my system before then, I need to do it this weekend. I think I might be having pizza for dinner tomorrow night.

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Today’s the day

Posted by iwanttodothat on August 27, 2009

In about an hour, I will be meeting with my new personal trainer and lifestyle makeover expert. I wish this was just a tune-up rather than a complete overhaul. I’m 42, about 5’8″, and hovering around 350 lbs.

Today starts the beginning of me becoming my true self. No more fear of being unstoppable. This is it.

I will be blogging daily about my journey, and documenting real and perceived changes.

The title of this blog will be addressed as well. I want to do a lot of things, and the only thing stopping me is my weight/size/fitness. I’m done with those obstacles. Watch as I remove those obstacles from my life and accomplish everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing!

My top two things that I want to do are: 1) run a 5K, and 2) learn to fence. You’ll probably see a lot of that here, but also daily living obstacles will be conquered one by one.

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