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Today’s the day

Posted by iwanttodothat on August 27, 2009

In about an hour, I will be meeting with my new personal trainer and lifestyle makeover expert. I wish this was just a tune-up rather than a complete overhaul. I’m 42, about 5’8″, and hovering around 350 lbs.

Today starts the beginning of me becoming my true self. No more fear of being unstoppable. This is it.

I will be blogging daily about my journey, and documenting real and perceived changes.

The title of this blog will be addressed as well. I want to do a lot of things, and the only thing stopping me is my weight/size/fitness. I’m done with those obstacles. Watch as I remove those obstacles from my life and accomplish everything I’ve ever dreamed of doing!

My top two things that I want to do are: 1) run a 5K, and 2) learn to fence. You’ll probably see a lot of that here, but also daily living obstacles will be conquered one by one.


3 Responses to “Today’s the day”

  1. Amanda said

    You are really an inspiring person…my aunt Terri sent me your blog. I am working hard trying to lose weight and stick with a lifestyle change as well. It has been hard, but I know it isn’t impossible. Thank you for sharing your journey! If you are interested, my sister and I also have a blog (not a cool as yours!) http://twophatsisters.blogspot.com/

    Best Wishes!

    • iwanttodothat said

      Thank you, Amanda! I have found that the hardest part of losing weight was deciding, finally, that I don’t want to be fat anymore. There is no excuse good enough to maintain this existence. None. It benefits noone. Once you really make that decision, it’s much easier to say no to things that won’t help your weight loss. The biggest key to success is being prepared. My fridge is full of ingredients and meals prepped, packaged, and labeled in gladware and ziplocs. If you don’t make the eating part easy for yourself, then you will fail. It’s already hard, why make it harder?

      I checked out your blog. Thanks for sharing! I understand completely the obsession with the computer/facebook/farmville/email whatever! It’s a time vampire. Make a computer schedule for yourself and get away from it. It’s hard, but worth it.

      One more thing… set a goal. I started all of this on August 30, and I have signed up for a 5K on Oct. 31! I won’t be running the whole thing, but I’m going to finish it, and have a little bit of running mixed in there. Set little goals. You can do it!

      • Meeksiegirl said

        Thanks for the words of wisdom. Setting goals is one of my toughest obstacles because I am a strong starter but a terrible finisher. I have just started doing a morning Bible devotional on laziness…my #1 vice. Getting spiritual encouragement is starting to help support the physical and emotional aspect of the struggle.

        Have a great time in Disney – don’t let all the fancy treats tempt you…they are only going to keep you further from your goal.


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