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Day 6

Posted by iwanttodothat on September 5, 2009


7:20 Rise, stretch, take meds, get ready for the day.

8:00 Circuit Training with Maggie. Wow. This was tough today, but my physical response is getting much better. I got a good night’s sleep, which had to help. I stretched when I wokeup and when we started. I experience no sciatic pain this morning. That in itself is a miracle. I didn’t have to stop once during all of the walking to stretch. Circuit training was hard. Shuttle runs (without picking up anything) sideways (shuffle), running forward to the cone, then backwards back to the start, and forward the whole time. Running backwards is frightening to me and I almost fell down, but I did fine.

9:00 Breakfast smoothie made by Maggie and a medium banana. These smoothies are really delicious, and I’m going to have to get her recipes and protein mix. I got a revised eating plan that starts today through Week 2. It’s less food, but the daily calorie load spikes differently. I am looking forward to the next weigh-in because I know I’m doing great!


12:00 Snack. 1 medium apple, 1T raw almond butter, 1c skim milk. Yummy.

We are going refrigerator shopping/buying today. We still have the refrigerator that came with our house when we bought it 10 years ago, used. We got a $400 gift card towards a fridge at Christmas and we’ve been waiting for the Labor Day sale since. We think we’re getting this one. It fits perfectly in our space, and it’s the right price! Our current fridge is great for 2 people, but not for a family of four with someone who has to weigh and measure lots of ingredients and pack meals for the week.

2:15 Lunch. Subway Turkey on Wheat 6-inch, 1 medium apple, 1c 1% milk. The best thing about this lunch was that I didn’t have to make it. I was a little nervous since this was the first thing I’ve eaten all week that I didn’t have 100% control over. It was not all that great, but I do know I can get through a meal out in a pinch. I realize, too, that eating out is not necessarily being spoiled. Rather than complaining here about the specifics of the sandwich, I will say that I can do much better at home with a little preparation. So, with that in mind, I’m going to try to retrain my brain about eating out. Unless it’s some sort of gourmet eating experience or truly special occasion, I think I might be over it.

Lunch, Day 6

Lunch, Day 6

5:30 Snack. 6oz low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2c blueberries, 1oz raw almonds, 2 packets Truvia. This could very possibly be my favorite thing to eat on this plan so far.

Afternoon Snack, Day 6

Afternoon Snack, Day 6

7:30 Dinner. 4oz ground turkey breast, 8oz squash, 1T evoo.

Dinner, Day 6

Dinner, Day 6

It doesn’t look like much, but it was delicious and easy. I also drank 32oz of diluted Crystal Light Green Tea. So thirsty.

Trying to plan the day tomorrow. It’s going to be tricky with a visit to my parents. I’m bringing all of my own food, so I won’t be tempted. I’m also going to swim. Tomorrow is my day off from exercise, so I’m going to enjoy it. I might do a few laps in the pool, but I’m going to give my body a rest so I’m ready to go again Monday.

Feeling good about life.


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