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a journey from thick to thin

Day 7

Posted by iwanttodothat on September 6, 2009


Day off from training. I do plan to swim for recreation this afternoon and stretch throughout the day.

7:15 Woke up late. Took meds. Barely stretched, started cooking breakfast, hopped in the shower, got ready for church, finished cooking breakfast and packed it.

8:40 Breakfast, part 1. 4oz ground turkey breast

9:30 Breakfast cont’d. 1/4c (uncooked) steel cut oats, 1/2c strawberries, 1t Walden Farms apple butter

I have to explain my weird breakfast. Let me first say that I’m an organist at a church 30 min. away and Sunday mornings are a little crazy for me. I woke up late this morning, which is never good. I barely got breakfast cooked and packed, and had to leave. I would’ve eaten it at home, if I didn’t have to wait 1hr after I took my medicine to eat anything. So, I got to church at 8:10, got music ready, practiced with the choir from 8:15-8:40 and inhaled my turkey before I had to start playing in the service at 8:50. At 9:30, I slipped out of the sermon to go to the bathroom (a constant issue right now as I go through weight loss and body detox) and also ate my oatmeal and strawberries while I listened to the rest of the sermon. I took communion this morning, too. What have I learned from this first Sunday on my eating plan? I learned that I must plan better. I must have everything ready the night before. I cannot wake up late any more. I did go to bed around 11pm, which is really good for me, but had to get up twice to use the bathroom. So much for long, uninterrupted sleep.

10:30 Sprite Zero from Sonic on my way home from church. I know I should’ve had water or Crystal Light. I’m taking refuge in the fact that it had no caffeine and no calories, and extra Sonic ice!

11:45 Snack. 1 medium apple, 1T raw almond butter, 1c skim milk, 1T Walden Farms chocolate dip

Morning Snack, Day 7

Morning Snack, Day 7

2:00 Lunch. 5oz chicken breast, 2c broccoli, 4oz sweet potato

Lunch, Day 7

Lunch, Day 7

5:00 Snack. 8oz low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2c blueberries. I forgot about my snack, so I went ahead and ate it late.

Afternoon Snack, Day 7

Afternoon Snack, Day 7

6:00 Dinner. 6oz salmon, 8oz asparagus. I wanted to eat dinner with everyone else, so I went ahead and ate it early.

Dinner, Day 7

Dinner, Day 7

Before I go to bed, I just want to comment on how happy I am that I stuck with my plan without any problems. My timing was a little off, but I’m very satisfied with how today went. My family was very supportive of me and I felt good about that. I don’t need food to know that I’m loved by them! This was probably one of the best family get togethers we’ve had in recent history. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Oh, I didn’t swim any laps, but hey, it’s my day off. I’ll take what I can get!


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