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a journey from thick to thin

Day 41

Posted by iwanttodothat on October 10, 2009


6:00 Got up to get a kid off to a scouting event. Took meds, drank water.

9:30 Breakfast. I know. Bad timing. 2 scoops protein powder, 1T heavy cream, 1T Walden Farms blueberry spread, 1/2c canteloupe.


12:30 Lunch. 6oz tilapia, 1/2c brown & wild rice, 4oz asparagus. Yes, I’m eating it in the car.

Lunch, Day 41

Lunch, Day 41

3:15 Snack. 4oz low-fat cottage cheese, 1/2c blueberries, 2 packets Truvia. I took this into the movie theater with me and ate it during the 2nd intermission of an opera transmission.

6:00 Exercise. 65 minutes on treadmill for 3.4 miles and 600 calories burned! I wanted to see what a 5K might feel like (3.2 miles) and if I could do it under an hour. I hit 3.2 miles at 59:30. I have some work to do, but I feel like it’s within my reach to get to the 15-minute/mile pace by January. The first 35 minutes of this workout was torture, then at about 40 minutes I started feeling pretty good and was able to finish strong. 3 weeks from today, I will do my first official 5K race. I’m really hoping to finish in 55 minutes. We’ll see!

8:20 Dinner. 6oz ground turkey breast, 2c broccoli.

Dinner, Day 41

Dinner, Day 41


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