i want to do that

a journey from thick to thin

Day 47

Posted by iwanttodothat on October 16, 2009

This starts badly, but will end well! Thank, God!


8:00 Woke up to the sound of pouring rain and a power outage. Went back to sleep.

8:30 Was awakened by a phone call canceling a field trip planned for today. Went back to sleep.

9:00 Another phone call from a friend replying to do boot camp tomorrow with my trainer.

9:15 Another boot camp RSVP! Back to sleep.

10:00 Got up, took meds, stretched. Played with the kids. Power still out.

11:30 Lunch. Took kids to Sweet Tomatoes. Ate too much, but didn’t go crazy. Suffice to say, I ate the majority of my allotted calories at lunch.


1:30 Power back on.

3:00 Snack. 1 medium banana.

4:45 Exercise. Plan to go to the YMCA and do an hour on the treadmill. I need to get it together. 5K is 2 weeks from tomorrow!

6:30 Dinner. 6oz tilapia, 2c broccoli. I was supposed to have a big salad with some o&v, instead of broccoli, but I overdid the salad category at lunch today.

Trying to drink plenty of water for the rest of the day to be really hydrated for boot camp tomorrow. I also have a weigh-in tomorrow morning, but I’m more concerned with feeling well for boot camp than dehydrating myself for a weigh-in.

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