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a journey from thick to thin

Day 56

Posted by iwanttodothat on October 25, 2009


6:45 Woke up, took meds, got ready for church.

7:45 Breakfast. EAS Myoplex banana cream protein drink.


12:00 Lunch. Taco Bell. 1 fresco soft taco, 1 fresco bean burrito. I’m so weak. Been so busy, tired, too much to do. I wasn’t prepared today. I thought my new eating plan started tomorrow. All of my previous plans have started on Monday, so I was caught off guard last night (late) when I learned that it started today. I was unprepared, and that’s why I ended up at Taco Bell eating crap. I figured that it probably helped me because I did that BEFORE I went grocery shopping. I’m pretty sure I would’ve bought Halloween candy if I had been ravenous. I do have all of my groceries for the week, so I need to spend some time this afternoon getting everything ready for the week.

5:00 Snack. 3 bite-size pieces of Halloween candy. I know. This day sucks, bigtime.

8:30 Dinner. Back on track. 5oz chicken breast, 1c zuccini, 1/2c tomato, some garlic, Pam cooking spray.

Dinner, Day 56

Dinner, Day 56


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