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a journey from thick to thin

Day 70

Posted by iwanttodothat on November 8, 2009

Is it really day 70?! Wow! One month until 100!!! WOW! I can honestly report that I feel like a changed person at this point in my journey. I feel it in my attitude, my planning, my food choices, my exercise, and it’s filtering into the rest of my life. It’s still hard work. I still struggle with eating on schedule and balancing that with the rest of my family and schedule obligations. I’m going to be concentrating on paring down those obligations and getting my family on board with eating more of what I’m eating and when. I need to rethink why we do things the way we do now.


7:15 Woke up late, took meds, got ready for church and busted my butt to get there on time and prepared. I hate it when I wake up late.

10:45 Breakfast. 1 medium banana, 1 slice whole wheat bread, 1T raw almond butter.

12:45 Snack. 1 banana. Yeah, 2 bananas in one day is not so great.

3:00 Lunch. 2 slices of pizza. I know. ­čśŽ

5:00 Snack. 1 EAS Chocolate Fudge Carb Control shake.

7:00 Dinner. 4oz chicken breast, 1c summer squash, 1c green beans. I made it for the whole family!


Family Dinner, Day 70

10:00 Snack. Yoplait Light (100 calories)

11:00 Bedtime.


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