i want to do that

a journey from thick to thin

Day 79

Posted by iwanttodothat on November 18, 2009


7:00 Woke up, took meds, stretched, got ready for training.

8:00 Personal training with Maggie. Ran nearly half of the time of my cardio walk, but am still not cutting time like I should be. It’s frustrating me! The rest of the hour was focused on triceps and legwork. I won’t be able to move tomorrow.

9:00 Breakfast. Protein shake by Maggie.

1:30 Lunch. Chick-fil-A. Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad, no dressing, no sunflower seeds, no croutons, no tortilla strips, and a Coke Zero.

5:30 Dinner. 3c mixed baby greens, 4oz chicken breast, 1c squash/zucchini, o&v.

8:00 Snack. I did a bad thing. I ate a few cookies and a brownie. I couldn’t control myself. What a mistake. I’ve got to pick up the pieces and do better tomorrow.


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