i want to do that

a journey from thick to thin

Day 85

Posted by iwanttodothat on November 23, 2009


6:00 Woke up, took meds, did some work on the computer.

7:15 Exercise. Run/walk 3.5 miles. I think I ran over 60% of this! I felt strong and powerful this morning!

8:30 Went to Staples to buy inkjet cartridges for papers I needed at 10:30a!

9:45 Breakfast. 1/4c (uncooked) steel cut oats, 2 scoops protein powder.


12:30 Snack. 1 banana, 1 pear, 10 almonds. I went a little crazy but, hey, it was a really ripe pear in the fridge. Sue me.

6:00 Dinner. 5oz salmon, 3c mixed baby greens, o&v.

7:00 Exercise. Fencing. I worked up a serious sweat. Had a warm up drill with Matt, a lesson with Don, and target practice with another newbie.

10:30 Bed. Tired. Exhausted.


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