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Biggest Loser auditions are back in Tampa – March 6!

Posted by iwanttodothat on February 17, 2010

NBC’s Biggest Loser schedules Season 10 auditions in Tampa, March 6

With 100+ pounds to go, you’d think I would be all over this! Yes, there’s a part of me that would love – LOVE – to be on The Biggest Loser. I think I would be an awesome contestant! Really! My husband and I have considered this and we’ve decided that we’d pass on it.

Why not be on TBL? The main reason is that we are just not willing to have our family completely exposed on national television. Being on TBL is not exactly a positive thing, folks! Yes, getting fit and losing tons of weight is exciting, Bob and Jillian are awesome and inspirational, and there are all kinds of surprises and challenges. A bonus is that you’re basically responsibility-free for however long you can stay on that ranch. Who doesn’t dream about that?

What I’m talking about is that the contestants cannot control how they are portrayed on the show. The producers can make it look like whatever they want it to look like. On my blog here, I have complete control over the content. I can tell you what I want to, when I want to. The pictures of myself that appear here are chosen by me! Do I want my children to see me have a mental breakdown on national television? Do I want everyone in America to read about why I’m fat? When did I start putting weight on? How has that made me feel my whole life? Etc. You get the idea.

I do believe that I have gone through all of that processing with my personal trainer, my husband, my friends, my family, and lots of other people already. I am not interested in rehashing it all on tv.

My incredibly supportive husband suggested that maybe a personal trainer is what would do the trick for me, so after this season’s auditions, I started shopping for a trainer and found Maggie. Yes, it’s hard, but I’m at home trying to re-train my family as well as myself. We’re working together as a team.

Yes, I’d still love to be on the show, but when you’re in a family, it’s not all about you! It’s a family decision, and I completely respect that. When you decide to audition for one of these shows, really think about what you’re doing.

Maybe I’ll have my few minutes of fame without getting up on the Biggest Loser scale in front of America!

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One Response to “Biggest Loser auditions are back in Tampa – March 6!”

  1. Michelle said

    I agree with you 100%. After losing 43 pounds this year, I still have over 100 left to lose. I think it would be hellish to have cameras in my face all the time and trainers pushing me that hard. I prefer to lose weight more slowly on my own without all that stress and potential humiliation.

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