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Life is busy! Life is good.

Posted by iwanttodothat on February 25, 2010

Greetings, friends!

As you might guess from the title of this entry, I’ve been extremely busy!

I’ll tell you a little bit about my life outside of blogging about my fitness journey to give you a better idea of how difficult it is to stay on track sometimes. First, I’m a homeschooling mom. I’ve got 2 adorable kids who I educate on a daily basis. I work part-time as a church organist. I teach a group of kids at our homeschool co-op once a week about things like knitting, literature, and music. When the planets are aligned, I am an adjunct professor in music theory at a state university here. I also have various music, teaching, and accompanying (piano) gigs which are typically short-term or singletons (weddings, funerals, music contest/festival, lessons, etc.)

Sometimes, all of these things are fighting for my attention. I haven’t even included things I do for fun like fencing, races, working out, and all of the duties I have as a regular mom/chauffeur/chef/homemaker. Balance is elusive at times, but I’m always trying to find it.

Yes, I have a wonderful husband who is incredibly supportive and I have got to find time for him, too! 🙂 He has been incredible through this process and none of it would have been possible without him.

I can hardly even remember the days when I had nearly no responsibilities to manage. One of my oldest fantasies is to live on a sailboat. As an adult now, I know that this would actually be a LOT of work and a LOT of planning and preparation. Life on a sailboat isn’t all that easy. I digress.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that since I’ve lost some weight and gotten more physically fit, all of this is easier to manage. I’m having a hard time sustaining my physical training and diet regimen, but am not in the proverbial ditch. The daily activity is easier. Just moving around is so much easier.

Another thing going on right now is that our house has sinkhole activity under it, and we will have to endure a few months of stabilization and restoration work. This is going to be a huge disruption in our family life. We have to clean out the house as if we were moving, because the restoration work will be fairly intense (floors, ceilings, painting, etc.) The end result will be worth the hassle, but it’s going to be a huge hassle and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Yes, a lot is going on. I am struggling with finding a balance. I don’t want to drop the ball on any responsibilities, so I’m going to devote the next few posts about balance and planning. I will be working through my own issues, and hope it serves as an example or inspiration for you, dear reader, to look at your own life and see where a little recalibration is necessary and how you go about doing that.

What have I learned so far? 1 – I cannot neglect everything around me and only focus on MY diet and MY exercise regimen, along with all the blogging, etc. 2- I cannot neglect myself while I pour everything into everyone else. So, the big question is how to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone/thing else? That’s what I’m going to attempt to uncover over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

Balance? Yeah, I want to do that!


4 Responses to “Life is busy! Life is good.”

  1. wordwand said

    thanks for the post , good luck t you.

  2. Michelle said

    Races! I am checking out your races and I am inspired!

  3. Julie Watson said

    Sometimes life catches up with us! I hope you’re able to find a comfortable balance, sounds like you have A LOT going on. Perhaps you can find ways to burn calories while taking care of all our other duties. Packing and lifting can be some serious exercise! Good luck, looking forward to your updates (when you can!)

  4. Annon said

    I’m a homeschool mom of two also. Plus I help my husband run two businesses. And I’m in month three of loosing fat, gaining muscle, and just plain getting healthier! I understand the balance aspect believe me. It seems you do a good job at planning the day before for your exercise and eating. I find that makes ALL the difference in the world! And getting my exercise done first thing. Absolutely, the very first thing, otherwise the whole balance thing, well it just won’t happen. If I stick to my schedule, it offers me freedom. It’s when I don’t, that life goes crazy!

    Keep on keepin’ on! I always look forward to your progress.

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