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Posted by iwanttodothat on April 16, 2010

Greeting friends! Remember me? I used to post on this blog about once a day, but haven’t done anything here in a month. That’s about to change.

I’ve been living with a foot in the past and a foot in the present for the last 4 months. I’ve been holding steady at about 295 for 4 months. How does that happen? I will definitely say that it’s not because I had a special “maintenance” plan. It’s because I balanced out my treats, which were plentiful, with my smart choices. An occasional dessert is okay! Dessert after every dinner? No! Breakfast is important, and even if you suck at the rest of your food choices for the day, I guarantee they will suck less if you eat an appropriate breakfast. Eating small meals and snacks is smart, even if they aren’t perfectly balances. Exercise really does make you feel good, even if it’s just a walk around the block. A little bit might just inspire you to do a little bit more the next time.

The final bit of wisdom, and most important, is that planning ahead is the difference between success and failure. That’s really the bottom line. If I don’t plan a menu or put exercise on my calendar with my clothes out the night before, it ain’t gonna happen. Who’s going to get up early and make decisions about what to wear, where to run/walk, etc.? No sane person. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to maintain that process for any beneficial period. Lack of preparation is what kills progress. I have never been prepared. I have always procrastinated, and it’s why my house is a mess, my family dinner menu is less than stellar, I have debt, and I’m terribly overweight.

I am ending the plague of procrastination on my life and I’m taking my life back!

The past few weeks have been a real blur. A friend passed away from a random lung disease that could’ve happened to anyone for no apparent reason. When you see pictures of the family and realize it could be your family (because you have the same family Christmas picture in front of the same tree in the same church narthex), you tend to do a little reevaluating.


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