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Triathlon this Saturday… really?

Posted by iwanttodothat on May 18, 2010

Oh, man. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Help!

I am seriously struggling with my eating and exercising plans. I’m thinking about how I can come up with the cash to go back to Maggie.

I have not been training at all. I’ve joined T3 – Tampa Tri Team – at my YMCA, and I’ve yet to make it to a workout. I’m planning to go to a swim workout Thursday morning, but it’s almost as if the planets need to be aligned for me to get there.

I’ve missed fencing for 3 weeks now. That’s a symptom of my greater problem of lack of motivation. I feel like I haven’t moved forward for months, and I don’t like that. My eating is not good. My stomach feels totally out of whack and I just don’t feel great.

The past couple of weeks my family’s life has been completely disrupted by having our house foundation stabilized. We have sinkhole activity under the house, and so we’ve had a ton of activity involving our house this week. This has, in turn, put a major cramp in our eating. The last thing I want to do is grocery shop, cook, and clean with all of this mess and stress all around me.

I’m also feeling frustrated and derailed by my frenemies. I know that I need to just block them out of my head and ignore their influence, but on the flip side, I’m trying to stick to program to hopefully influence them. I’m not ready to give up on them just yet, but they aren’t making it easy.

I will be posting pictures and a recap of the triathlon next week… if I survive!

On a more positive note, Biggest Loser is on tonight!


2 Responses to “Triathlon this Saturday… really?”

  1. Zoe said

    Hi Ann,

    Sometimes life gets in the way of doing what is best for your body. That’s for you, me, professional athletes, anyone. That’s just how it goes. The important thing is to remember that now you know how to make things better for yourself, even if right now you are going through a bad stretch. You know what you would want to eat if you had infinite time/energy to cook. You know the workouts that you would want to do. You know that you’ve already done a lot and accomplished tons of things that you might not have thought possible. However, sometimes other things will get in the way of living life in the ideal way. Don’t let it get you down. Keep telling yourself that you can get back on track, then find little ways to do it.

    Also (and I still need to remember this) you’ve built up a base level of fitness that won’t go away overnight. It will go away relatively quickly, but not overnight. So you can still do events such as 5ks and triathlons, even if you didn’t get through your ideal training schedule beforehand.

  2. Julie said

    “I Get Knocked Down, But I get up again, nobody’s every gonna keep me down!” -Chumbawamba

    So your latest blog entry is not the Ann who we are used to hearing from but you know what? It is totally OK and I admire you for being so honest…putting it out there for the whole cyber world to see! We all have our days, which unfortunately can turn into weeks and maybe longer. The difference is how you deal with it and when to “stop the madness!” You don’t need a trainer, you clearly demonstrated you are capable of doing the work on your own. Maybe a few consult mtgs w/Maggie for accountability. Could she cut you a deal on something like that? What about the Y or your fellow Mom friends? could you forge a workout group of your own? If you can join a group that has similar goals I think that should keep you going. It is so hard to do it on your own. You need a buddy! As for the nutrition can you meet somewhere in the middle so your diet isn’t so restrictive? Is Ro still going to WW? why not do that w/her and plan to workout before or after the mtgs? You need to find an eating plan that can truly be a lifestyle. I’m sorry but I don’t think it is realistic to say you will never touch another french fry or cheeseburger again! I’ve managed to loose 18lbs since Nov and I Haven’t given up really anything. Just changed my portions and added more of the good stuff. No, I am probably not as lean as I could be but I am in my weight range again and I feel really good.

    Let me leave you with this quote from an incredibly strong,beautiful and courageous woman:

    “I do not want surgery, and that’s what I’m left with if this doesn’t work. I’ve got to be honest here…..They (family) want me to be healthy and to have me around for a long time, living my dreams. My family and extremely supportive husband are the real reason behind this. My bonus reason is that I’m going to learn to fence! En garde! ”

    Hugs babe….tomorrow is a new day 🙂

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