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I'm a triathlete!

Ann is a 44-year-old woman with nothing standing in her way of accomplishing her dreams except her flab. This blog will document her transformation from a super-sized spitfire, to a fabulous, fit, fencer and 5K finisher! As of 5/26/2010: I have been fencing for 5 months, finished ten 5ks, and also finished 2 super-sprint triathlons!!! 8/25/2010 update: eleven 5ks and 3 super-sprint triathlons.

In my posts, I mention that I take medicine every morning. I take levythyroxine, Vitamin D, and a Centrum Women’s Ultra multi-vitamin. I had a total thyroidectomy a few years ago (June 2008) which removed my entire thyroid gland as well as a 12cm goiter and other benign nodules. Yes, 12cm. It was the size of a grapefruit embedded in my neck and had pushed my trachea and esophagus out of place causing breathing and swallowing difficulties. I am totally fine now, and can breathe without wheezing or any other difficulty! The scar is fading nicely and naturally into my lowest neck crease just above my clavicle.

I’ve been on every diet you can imagine, and I’m done with shortcuts or “easy” plans. It all comes down to diet and exercise. By turning to clean eating (unprocessed foods), the ingredients in my meals have nothing added or hiding. A piece of tilapia and some asparagus is nothing but tilapia and asparagus.

The straw that broke the camel’s back…

Medi-fast. 2005. Started at 346lbs. I didn’t learn how to eat on this plan. I was basically on speed and shakes/fake food. This shredded my immune system and metabolism. Yes, I lost 70 pounds very quickly, then plateaued for awhile. When I added exercise, I developed plantar fasciitis in one foot and also got shingles. This was really the beginning of the end. I was so miserable with shingles. The pain and recovery from that, along with the constant pain from the plantar fasciitis and long recovery period, helped me regain all of the weight I had lost. This was not a cheap plan. I said that it would be the last diet for me, then I got sick.

This time, I’m changing my life.

I’ve hired a personal trainer and gotten a nutrition makeover. This is the most expensive option I’ve tried so far, but it seems to be the healthiest and the most sound. I’m putting all of my eggs in this basket, baby! I think it’s the winner. I do not want surgery, and that’s what I’m left with if this doesn’t work. I’ve got to be honest here. We’re paying so much for this personal attention, that I would be NUTS to cheat. Seriously. It would be an insult to my family if I didn’t stick with this, because it’s a huge sacrifice for them. They want me to be healthy and to have me around for a long time, living my dreams. My family and extremely supportive husband are the real reason behind this. My bonus reason is that I’m going to learn to fence! En garde!

Progress - 55 pounds lost

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Julie Watson said

    Hi Antoinette,

    I just discovered your blog. Wow.. great work. I’m on my own weight-loss adventure too. Like you, i’m trying to do it with eating clean(er) meals, and exercise. Your trainer sounds amazing too. I’ve added your blog to my blogroll if you don’t mind. I just started blogging. I’m hoping it will help me stay accountable!

    All the best,

  2. iwanttodothat said

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’d like to check yours out, if you can send me the link. This blog is holding me very accountable, especially taking pictures of everything I eat. I just snap it on my phone, and it’s recorded. It’s keeping me honest. My trainer totally rocks! It’s worth the investment!



  3. Maxine said

    Hi Antionette,

    You are making a great start. I only had 20 lbs to lose when I startd my “20 lb struggle.” I’m half-way there. I have also found that the blog makes me accountable in a very powerful way. Since I am a retired psycholoist I try to use what I have learned about human behavior over the years to help me achieve my goal.

    You seem to be doing all the right things. Congratulations on making the commitment to create a healtier, happier life for yourself!


  4. hairs to you!! said

    I am so proud of you!!! We will meet you at the 5k!!

  5. Sharon said

    I am amazed at the number of people that use blogging to record thier struggle with weight lose. I started in early October and have found several blogs, yours included. Keep up the good work, it is a long, hard battle for us, especially anyone over 50. I also am blogging my weight lose journey at fattothininoneyear.blogspot,com. Please check it out and offer any advise that you may have.

  6. Well done Antoinette – you show great spirit and I know you will do it. Getting yourself a good personal trainer was your best decision. It won’t make it any easier – in fact it may well make it harder in terms of effort expended – but hard work is the only option.

    You are doing brilliantly.

    If you ever wake up one morning and think things are impossible, check out my latest blog post for an example of the extraordinary things the human body & mind can achieve:


    Keep up the good work. Enjoy the journey.

  7. […] back burner.  Thank you to Antoinette for reminding me that it had been so long!  Check out her blog.  It’s really helped inspire […]

  8. Suzanne said

    Hey Ann, I just found your blog via fitness and spice. Your story is inspiring and I love your 5K goal plan! Runners are awesome, so glad you are one of us! You can dooooo it (that’s my family’s race cheer). Good luck!!!

  9. Hi Ann, you’re a finalist for our Vibram FiveFingers giveaway!


    Please email me, stephen@gearjunkie.com, within 24 hours for next steps.

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