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Product Review – Mix1

Posted by iwanttodothat on February 14, 2010

mix1 nutritional beverage

I thought it might be fun to start including some product reviews from time to time, and the first lucky product is mix1.

I first tried this delicious beverage after a 5k, and was hooked! Yes, it has more carbs than a “carb control” type drink, but this is an excellent balance of 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. I would recommend this drink more as a breakfast or snack option, or pre-exercise sustained energy drink. Because of the amount of sugar in it, I would not recommend as a post-exercise or evening beverage. You can’t forget that this is definitely a better snack option than the unknown in case you have to diverge from your eating plan. Keep one in your desk at work or tucked away in your refrigerator at home for that moment of unpreparedness.

My favorite is the blueberry-vanilla, but the key lime and tangerine flavors are very good, too! Actually, all of them are pretty tasty, so go with what you like. The overall texture is creamy and smooth, some sweetness from real sugar (nothing fake here), and a pronounced flavor without it being overwhelming or unnatural.

The ingredients in the blueberry-vanilla flavor are: purified water, whey protein isolate, organic cane sugar, organic evaporated cane juice, juice concentrate, extra light olive oil, citric acid, pectin, natural flavor, black carrot juice concentrate (color), lactic acid, grape juice concentrate (color). There is no aspartame or any other artificial sweetener. This is really good stuff!

Until February 28 (2010), there is an excellent deal on Amazon. Normally, a 12-pk is $25.00 (yes, a little pricey), but if you subscribe to this product, you automatically save 15%. Use code MIXISTAC when you checkout to save another 25%, for a total savings of 40%. That makes this 12-pk only $15.00! It is also available through Amazon Prime’s Free 2-day shipping program (which I also have!). If you’re ready to try something new and good for you, this is a great deal! Order today!

Visit the mix1 company website here.

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