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Day 1, Year 2

Posted by iwanttodothat on August 31, 2010

Well, today is the first day of a new year in my journey to good health. I’m also on Day 10 of the Paleo Diet and I’m still in compliance there!

I’ve learned a lot over the last year and I’m going to share some of those things with you this week as I look back over the year.

I am not stuck in a rut or abandoning you, but it’s back to school time in our house and we have crazy schedules this week and next, so bear with me!

More to come this week!

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Disney Race Wrap Up

Posted by iwanttodothat on March 8, 2010

It’s Monday, and I’m back home and into the grind. I thought I’d kick off the week by walking you through my Disney Race experience. I know some of you dear readers are looking forward to your first 5k and want to know what will actually happen. The Disney Race experience is different from many other races simply because it’s Disney. Perhaps I will write a few short recaps of some of the other 5ks to let you know how different they all are!

Fit for a Princess Expo

Friday, I checked in to my resort and took a nap. A great beginning, no? I ended up flying solo this time because we had a sick kid. My wonderful husband stayed home with the kids and I had a couple of days to myself! What a guy! I digress… After my nap, I ate a late lunch (grilled salmon salad) then went over to the “Fit for a Princess” Expo.

Goody bag

The main reason for going to the Expo, is that you are required to pick up your race packet there the night before the race. Sometimes they have late pickup before the race, but I really don’t recommend that. At this particular race, the race packet included a goody bag, race t-shirt, race bib, and various samples of things including a card for 35 free music downloads, technical socks, eye drops, flyers for other races, and other miscellaneous items.

In order to pick up your race packet and goody bag, you must have a waiver signed along with photo identification. This is very important! If you forget to print it out at home, you can print it at the check-in. This is only for Disney races. The actual goody bag this time was just a clear plastic drawstring bag that says “Disney’s Endurance Series” on it. Keep this bag! For baggage check-in before the race, you must use this bag! Also, don’t forget to pick up safety pins when you check-in. You will need 4 to pin your race bib onto the front of your shirt. It is critical that you pin your number on the FRONT. This is how ASI (sports photographer) identifies you in the thousands of pictures they take throughout the race. If you want that finish line photo, put your number on the front!

On the back of your race bib, there is a form for emergencies. You will want to fill this out in ballpoint pen (not a Sharpie!). I also wear my RoadID during races and any other time I’m doing a fitness activity.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

The Expo was at the Jostens Center located at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World. This is a fantastic sports complex. They host some spring training games, sports competitions, and all sorts of other sporting events.

I saw a women’s lacrosse game going on, as well as several baseball games, all simultaneously. They also hosted the World Cheerleading Championships. It’s also the Spring Training home of the Atlanta Braves. There is a pretty good sports cafe/bar, as well as several other indoor venues before you see the massive outdoor sports fields.

This whole center has been re-themed and revamped with ESPN’s sponsorship, and it’s definitely for the better. It has a solid sports feel throughout the venue. It’s worth a good walk around it to see everything there.

The race itself started at 7am on Saturday morning. If you were staying on property in a host resort (I stayed at All-Star Movies Resort), it is strongly encourage to take the bus transportation to the race. I always take the bus transportation to the Expo and the races. It saves you from worrying about getting there on time with the road closures and directions. Parking is crazy at the expo, and the bus drops you off right at the entrance, so you’re better off on the bus.

Ready to race!

On race day, I set my alarm for 4:30am and had a wakeup call for 4:35am. Disney wakeup calls are very cute with Goofy, Mickey, and a whole lot of craziness to wake you up! I got up, took my meds, took a shower, dressed, stretched, and ate a banana and a Mix1 drink at 5:30 while I walked over to catch the bus to the race. I checked my bag with my sweatshirt in it at 6am. It was cold, so I stretched some more and jogged in place a little while waiting for the start. I placed myself in the slow people corral near the end of the start lineup. I got between the 13-15 min/mile sign and the walkers/strollers sign. This was a pretty good spot for me, since I’m looking to hit a 15-minute mile.

I believe there were about 3500 participants in this 5k, but that’s just a guesstimate. There were a lot of folks there! The first quarter-mile is really crowded while runners begin to sort themselves out according to pace. I think some people are very optimistic about their pace. This does not help anyone to be in an inappropriate corral! Having to run around people is sort of exciting because you’re passing people, but can also be dangerous. Also, runner etiquette is a problem. Racers in groups should not run/walk more than 2 abreast. It’s a huge obstacle when you have 5 people walking together in a line across the route. Don’t do this! New racers do not know some of these things, so do your homework! You will have a much more enjoyable experience that way!

This race started at 7:00am, however, the first start was for racing wheelchairs at 6:58am. Do not be confused by this! The 7am start was marked by a huge countdown and fireworks! You won’t miss a thing!

The course for this race started in the Epcot parking lot, then went around World Showcase, down around Spaceship Earth and the monoliths, then finished up back in the parking lot. Along the route were plenty of characters and great photo opps. That’s one good reason to have a partner for this race, so you can take pictures of each other! Cast members are also readily available to take your picture, too.

Going to the finish line is very exciting! You want to make sure you are putting forth your best effort when you are crossing the line. ASI takes a lot of finish line photos and you need to be doing your very best “Rocky” look ¬†for the cameras!

Post-race. Got my medal and back on the bus to the resort!

When you cross the finish line, you head toward the volunteers with the finisher medals. They will give you a medal and you will grab some Powerade and/or water, then get in line for an ASI photo opp in front of a nicely themed backdrop. You also have the option to skip that and head right to the food. This time, they had a bag for each runner that included an orange, a banana, and a muffin. Not fabulous, but pretty good.

Remember that the optimum time to refuel after a hard race is within 20-30 minutes post-race. It will reduce your recovery time to a quarter of what you might normally endure. This is the time for a carb/protein combo like a protein shake (like Mix1!) or an apple and handful of almonds. This is important! Okay, after the food line, you can hang out and watch the rest of the finishers, use one of the hundreds of port-a-potties, head back to your resort on the bus, or go to your car. It’s fun to stay and watch the folks behind you and cheer that last person in! Someone has to be last in every race, and one day it could be you! Stay and cheer!

That’s really about it. I had so much fun and can’t wait to go to my next Disney race! Until then, I have a pretty packed schedule over the next 2-3 months! Don’t forget to stay and cheer for the last finisher! They are still a winner!

Striking a pose back at the Expo

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Product Review – Mix1

Posted by iwanttodothat on February 14, 2010

mix1 nutritional beverage

I thought it might be fun to start including some product reviews from time to time, and the first lucky product is mix1.

I first tried this delicious beverage after a 5k, and was hooked! Yes, it has more carbs than a “carb control” type drink, but this is an excellent balance of 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. I would recommend this drink more as a breakfast or snack option, or pre-exercise sustained energy drink. Because of the amount of sugar in it, I would not recommend as a post-exercise or evening beverage. You can’t forget that this is definitely a better snack option than the unknown in case you have to diverge from your eating plan. Keep one in your desk at work or tucked away in your refrigerator at home for that moment of unpreparedness.

My favorite is the blueberry-vanilla, but the key lime and tangerine flavors are very good, too! Actually, all of them are pretty tasty, so go with what you like. The overall texture is creamy and smooth, some sweetness from real sugar (nothing fake here), and a pronounced flavor without it being overwhelming or unnatural.

The ingredients in the blueberry-vanilla flavor are: purified water, whey protein isolate, organic cane sugar, organic evaporated cane juice, juice concentrate, extra light olive oil, citric acid, pectin, natural flavor, black carrot juice concentrate (color), lactic acid, grape juice concentrate (color). There is no aspartame or any other artificial sweetener. This is really good stuff!

Until February 28 (2010), there is an excellent deal on Amazon. Normally, a 12-pk is $25.00 (yes, a little pricey), but if you subscribe to this product, you automatically save 15%. Use code MIXISTAC when you checkout to save another 25%, for a total savings of 40%. That makes this 12-pk only $15.00! It is also available through Amazon Prime’s Free 2-day shipping program (which I also have!). If you’re ready to try something new and good for you, this is a great deal! Order today!

Visit the mix1 company website here.

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Day 155 – Rant

Posted by iwanttodothat on February 1, 2010

RANT ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Okay, friends. It’s Day 155, 5 days into my 100-day challenge to shed 50 more pounds. I’ve barely got a toe over the start line for this one.

I’m finding it difficult to get the job done. One of my road blocks is that I have a lot on my mind. My house has sinkhole activity under it, so I’m dealing with that mess and everything it implies (cleaning house, constructions workers, contractors, insurance company, etc.). I’ve been sick and/or allergic for the last week or so, and am just not back to 100%.

One of the other things I’m trying to get over is the lack of friends that want to do something, too. I feel like I’m swimming upstream. The people I thought were my closest friends don’t want to hear about fitness or diet or doing a 5k or anything like that. It’s a real disappointment to me.

I know I’ve disappointed PLENTY of people in the past, present, and will continue to disappoint. Not sure why I continue to have such high expectations from others. Really.

Yes, I admire people for working hard. I’m working hard, too. In order to be your best to give your life away, you have to do something for yourself. If you are not healthy, how can you set a healthy example for your kids? Will you be there for your kids? I mean that in the most literal way possible, too. Are you going to put yourself in an early grave because you’ve neglected yourself? When you think “The kids need me” this means they need you to be alive and operational. This does not mean that they need you to plan another activity for the greater good. Yes, I could spend all day every day working on volunteering, teaching kids, cleaning the house, planning activities, etc., but what good is this going to be if I’m dead in 10 years, and my teenaged children are having to work through that mess when they are at the age they will need me the most?

My kids can read, imagine, play, interact with people from all ages, and they can learn anything. I also know them VERY well. I know them better than anyone else on the planet. I am preparing them to be independent learners, thinkers, and doers. I’m excited for them to grow up and have their own families. I want to see that! I want to see my grandchildren and still be healthy enough to take them on a trip with me when I’m 60.

I’m on a huge soapbox, I know, but this is serious business. I have to get my shit together and get the weight off. My kids deserve the best, and that includes MY best, too.

With all that said, I’m left wondering if I should keep trying to motivate friends to come join me or do a little bit of relationship pruning and make some new friends?

I understand that you have to work on relationships. I also know that you have to set some healthy boundaries.

This all comes down to the fact that I’m feeling a little lonely on this journey. If I continue to work hard, and shed another 50, 100, or 125 pounds, will I have any friends left? Will I have all new friends? What will happen?

I almost want to lose all of this weight and move to another city. People would only know the thin version of me, and not expect me to put all that weight back on. Agh. I’m obviously having some sort of identity crisis or something.

I just need to get my ass back outside running around and working out. Got another 5k this Saturday to slog through BY MYSELF. No surprise there. I’m used to it. I’ll feel better after I sweat for a couple of hours at the gym. Maybe I’ll be so tired I can’t think about any of this crap.

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Day 141

Posted by iwanttodothat on January 18, 2010

I’m taking a blogger holiday today. Move your body and eat good food!

Here’s something fun to do! Find out what your real daily caloric needs are to make your diet more effective!

Click here to check out the Daily Caloric Needs Calculator from Apex Fitness!

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Day 140

Posted by iwanttodothat on January 17, 2010

Nothing too exciting to post today except that I took Girl Scouts to horse camp all day yesterday. I saw all the other moms getting ready to ride horses, too, and I figured I might as well ask and see if there was a weight limit or if they had a horse that could accommodate me. Why not, right? Well, it turns out they do have a weight limit of 250 lbs for a rider, but they had a big horse named “Cirrus” who looked just like you might expect with a name like that, who could handle me! I tried on some boots, and managed to fit into a pair of actual cowboy boots! Not special order boots for extra wide calves or anything like that, but actual cowboy boots! They put a helmet on me and I didn’t have any time at all to back out. I was paired up with my horse before I could change my mind. Getting on the horse was difficult and it took me two tries, but I did it! What a feeling! I really cannot even describe how powerful I felt after overcoming a huge fear of actually getting on the horse, then sitting up there on top of him! Wow! I rode around the arena for a while, but we (the director of this experience and I) agreed that I wouldn’t go on the hour-long trail ride. I was totally okay with that, especially since I got in about an hour of horse time. I was a happy camper. After my ride, I successfully dismounted without hurting myself, the horse, or anyone else.

This kind of a day is what my journey is all about. I want to do that! I wanted to ride a horse and I did it! I’m tired of weight and size barriers, not to mention physical discomfort and limitations being in my way. From a laziness perspective, it’s a lot easier to change myself than to try to change the hundreds of situations that are limited to average-sized people. This is NOT the same as skin color or ethnicity, for instance, or even disability. This is about deciding what you put in your mouth and how much you move your body. Even physically limited people can lose weight. It’s not really rocket science. It’s definitely harder for some than others, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Here’s another external motivator regarding the horseback riding: This was a Girl Scout event. ALL sixteen Junior Girl Scouts in my daughter’s troop were on this adventure, and it impressed the hell out of them that I rode a horse. Some of the girls even cheered for me! One girl, who is probably the most critical of them all, even commented on my appearance saying, “Miss Ann, you look a lot better!” This was a huge compliment from this girl and I could see the other girls looking at me with a critical eye and nodding their heads. I’m not sure I could’ve smiled much more than I was smiling after that. They were all watching when I made my first attempt at getting on the horse, and couldn’t, then tried again. They saw how excited I was to be on the horse! They were excited, too! I just had to set an example of strength and determination, and they saw it. I think this was huge. It was huge for me. I didn’t want them to see that I was the only mom who went and didn’t ride. Why would someone spend all the time and effort to go all day to horse camp and not ride a horse? I didn’t plan on riding. I brought a backpack full of reading material and my iPod. I was certain that there was no way I was getting on a horse, in fact, I hadn’t even entertained the idea until late that morning. My initial thoughts were: 1- they won’t have boots to fit me, 2- I’ll exceed the weight limit, or they won’t have a horse that fits me, and 3- me on a horse? Am I insane? If I were to fall off, or be thrown off, it would certainly be a bad situation. All of those scenarios are excuses not to do it because of my weight and fitness level.

I think I’m starting to get somewhere with the mental aspect of this journey. Being fat is no fun. It is certainly not more fun that doing all the things you can’t do because you’re too fat! The bottom line is this: Lose weight, have more fun! Bottom line.

What did I eat today?

Breakfast. 1 Atkins chocolate shake.

Snack. Sesame Snaps. (Sesame candy from Poland. Shoot me.)

Lunch. 1/2 Publix Ultimate sub on multi-grain bread, 1/2c baked potato salad.

Took a LONG nap. I’m chalking it up to PMS.

Dinner. 1 chicken thigh (fried, took skin and coating off), 1 potato (cut into wedges and baked with a little olive oil), 1c broccoli.

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Day 136

Posted by iwanttodothat on January 13, 2010


9:30 Woke up, took meds, drank water, stretched.

10:45 Breakfast. 1 banana, 1c roasted red pepper and tomato soup (Pacific foods soups are incredibly delicious and worth the price!)


1:00 Lunch. Chick-fil-A Southwest Chargrilled Salad, no dressing. Coke Zero. (TIP: Do not use any regular dressing. Read the labels! At Chick-fil-A, the clear winners in the condiment category are the Buffalo Sauce and Light Italian dressing. You can practically dump these on your food with no ill caloric effects. The Buffalo Sauce tastes good on salad!)

3:00 Snack. 1/2c fat-free cottage cheese, 1/2c frozen blueberries.

5:30 Dinner. Rotisserie chicken breast (no skin), 2c steamed broccoli. For my family, I’m adding roast red potatoes to this meal.

9:00 Snack. Some sort of recovery protein beverage for post-workout.

I am also packing an apple in my purse, just in case I have to eat something while I’m out. An apple isn’t going to do any damage.

I’m planning to get in my cardio tonight on my way home from rehearsal. It’s not ideal, but it won’t be taking away from family time. I also need to start figuring out how to run on the treadmill. This is something I’m not particularly excited about.

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Day 128 – This is the year, baby!

Posted by iwanttodothat on January 5, 2010

Holy cow. It’s Day 128. I’ve taken 3 full weeks off from writing on the old blog here and guess what? I haven’t lost any real weight since then, either. I’m going to deduce that there is indeed a correlation between the two! I’m back to blogging everything because I want to hit my goal weight this year!

This morning, I had my first personal training session of the year. 38 degrees in Tampa, Florida, is just crazy. I was warned last night by my trainer to dress warmly because we would be “playing outside” this morning. Double ugh! It was quite cold this morning. Oh, I had a weigh-in, too! I’m down to 297.4 pounds for a total loss of 52.6 pounds! Woohoo! No gain over Christmas and New Year’s, and a small loss! I was just so happy to still be in the 200s, I about flipped! Before I got on the scale, I gave a million excuses. “I’m wearing more clothes than usual.” “I ate like a pig over the holidays. This isn’t going to be good.” I was fully prepared for that scale to say 305 or possibly worse. I’m pretty pleased with myself.

As far as the workout went this morning, we ran/walked 1 mile outside, which was awful. It was so cold, and I’ve been seriously slacking on my cardio over the holidays. Then we stayed outside and did a lot of agility work. What does that mean, exactly? Circuit 1: run the agility ladder (tip toe hopping, really), jump rope 20 times (haven’t done this in 30 years and promise to practice this daily to figure out how to do it more than 1 jump at a time), run zig-zags around 12 cones, 20 jumping jacks. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Circuit 2: high-step the agility ladder, jump rope, cones, pick up weights (10lb dumbbells) and lunge 15 yards, 10 dead lifts, lunge back. Repeat. After all of that torture, we went into the toasty gym and worked upper body. Lots of heavy weights today with short sets. Thursday will be all about the upper body because I have a 5k at Disney World early Friday morning.

Speaking of which, I am a little worried about this 5k simply because I’ve been slacking a little. I did a 5k on December 19th that really frustrated me. It was really cold, the start was delayed (so we were standing out the cold for much longer than necessary), it was extremely windy, and the race course went through a hilly downtown, then over a huge causeway bridge, then back over the huge bridge. Did I mention how windy it was? It was really a beautiful day, except for the cold and wind. My time was not so good: 52:52, I think. After that, I felt a little discouraged and really slacked off. Of course, this is the opposite of what I should’ve done: train harder. It’s not rocket science! I should’ve picked up the pieces and trained diligently. If I’d done that, I’d feel a lot more prepared for Friday than I do right now. My biggest concern is that I won’t make the pace requirement, which is 16 minutes/mile. I need to get my best 5k time ever and come in under 49:36. As long as it’s mostly flat, and the Disney people are cheering their hearts out, I think I can do it! My personal record is 50:26, and that was at Thanksgiving. I’m really excited and nervous! My family is going with me and we’re staying at the Pop Century resort Thursday night. I have to attend the Fitness Expo on Thursday night to pick up my race packet.

I just am really excited that this is happening. I set a goal in September when I started training, and that was to do this Disney 5k with a pace requirement. I am starting 2010 fifty+ pounds lighter and reaching a goal! I’ve done the hard work of eating right, exercising, and participating in FOUR 5k races to mentally prepare myself. I’m doing it!


7:30 Woke up, took meds, drank water, stretched, got ready for cold day of training.

8:00 Weigh-in. 297.6 lbs. Personal training session (as described above).

9:00 Breakfast. Protein shake from Maggie.


12:30 Lunch. 2 slices whole wheat bread, 2T raw almond butter, 1 banana.

3:00 Snack. 2 clementines

5:30 Dinner. 6oz chicken breast, 1/2c yellow rice, 1c green beans.

8:30 Snack. 2 slice Muenster cheese.

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Day 52

Posted by iwanttodothat on October 21, 2009


9:00 Woke up, took meds, stretched, drank lots of water. Watched Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred DVD to prepare for actually doing it today. I’ve joined a fellow blogger’s 30-day challenge to do the 30-Day Shred with 30 friends! So, we’ll see how that goes! I’m actually up for a little something new to add to my routine and this is only 30 minutes a day for 30 days. That takes me to Thanksgiving, along with my next 10 personal training sessions, so I ought to see some major progress this next month. I’m enjoying each week as I shed more weight and get stronger and more fit. I’ve never done the two together stuck with it for so long. It makes a huge difference.

10:30 Actually did Jillian Michaels’ 30-day Shred DVD, Level 1. Whoa. It’s tough.

11:00 Breakfast. 1/4c (uncooked) steel cut oats, 4 egg whites, 1T Walden Farms apple butter.

Breakfast, Day 52

Breakfast, Day 52

3:30 Lunch. 5oz ground turkey breast, 2c lettuce.

Lunch, Day 52

Lunch, Day 52

PREPAREDNESS TIP: Cook ahead. Measure out ground turkey breast into 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-ounce portions, flatten into patties, put on a baking sheet with aluminum foil, sprayed with Pam, and bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Cool, package, and label.

Preparedness is the key to success!

Preparedness is the key to success!

6:00 Snack. 2 scoops protein powder.

9:00 Dinner. 5oz tilapia, a ton of broccoli and cauliflower.

Dinner, Day 52

Dinner, Day 52

I was hungry and frustrated and wanted to eat. A lot. So, instead of the giant salad scheduled (it included 3c lettuce!), I opted for a bigass bag of broccoli and cauliflower. My tilapia fell apart when I cooked it. It was just sad looking. I ate it all up and feel like eating something else, so I’m chewing some Extra gum. I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment, but I need to push through it. So much stuff to do… laundry, packing for the kids who are each going on their own individual adventures this weekend, activities tomorrow, workout in the morning, shred at some point tomorrow… Dad is still in hospital recovering from his kidney removal surgery yesterday… I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I can’t eat any of it!!!

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Eating away from the safety of your home

Posted by iwanttodothat on September 6, 2009

I have a busy life. I’m rarely at home all day, like most people, but my trips away are many and short, rather than day-long excursions. How do I manage this eating plan when I’m always on the go?

Plan ahead and be prepared. Have a cooler and lots of containers and pack your food! Most of the food on my eating plan tastes fine cold, even tilapia/asparagus/brown rice mixed together. You must realize that you cannot control anything about your food if you don’t prepare it yourself. Noone else cares about your eating as much as you do.

Tonight, we are going to my parents’ for a Labor Day BBQ and swimming. There will be ribs, potato salad, chips, smoked sausage, coleslaw, and all the fixings. I will be having 6oz salmon and 8oz asparagus. I haven’t cooked it yet, but I’m taking it over there in a cooler and I’ll pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes when it’s time to eat. I’ve also packed my afternoon snack of cottage cheese and blueberries. There is no need for me to feel left out when all the eating happens!

Plan ahead. Be successful!

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