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I’ve always wanted to learn to fence ever since I was a child watching the Olympics. It must’ve been 1976. Erroll Flynn, the Three Musketeers, and a bunch of other swordfighting movies watched on Saturdays surely contributed to this desire, too!

NEW 01/11/10 I scored my first point in my first bout at fencing practice. It was really exciting, and I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing!

12/11/2009 I got my fencing gear delivered today!!! Yes! I’m doing it!

Excellent article about “Chess with Knives”

United States Fencing Association



The Art and Science of Fencing by Nick Evangelista. I haven’t been so excited about learning something new in a long time! This book is great!

The Inner Game of Fencing: Excellence in Form, Technique, Strategy and Spirit by Nick Evangelista.

The Woman Fencer by Nick and Anita Evangelista.

Videos (YouTube)

Fencing Instruction Part 1: Preparatory Movement

Fencing Instruction Part 2: Footwork Basics

Fencing Instruction Part 3: Lunge Variations

Fencing Instruction Part 4: Coordinating Arms and Legs

Fencing Instruction Part 5: Footwork Skills in Action

Fencing Instruction Part 6: Relational Footwork

Fencing Instruction Part 7: Tactical Footwork

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