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Day 137

Posted by iwanttodothat on January 14, 2010

Today starts with personal training and ends with fencing. Other than that, I’ve got a whole lot to get done around the house today. Lots of lists.

Here’s my food plan for the day:


7:15 Wake up, take meds, stretch, get ready for training.

8:00 Personal training with Maggie.

9:00 Breakfast. Protein shake from Maggie, 1 banana.

11:00 Snack. 1 apple, 10 almonds.


1:00 Lunch. 1/2c brown rice, 6oz tilapia, 2c broccoli, salad.

3:00 Snack. 1/2c fat-free cottage cheese, 1/2c frozen blueberries.

5:30 Dinner. 4oz chicken breast, 3c salad, grape tomatoes, onions, peppers.

9:00 Snack. Post-workout protein shake.


This morning at personal training, I broke the news to Maggie that my budget needs to take a month off from personal training. I’m sad, she’s sad. Here’s the thing, I need to see if I can manage to make progress without having her 2-3x/week. I’ll be honest here, I’m going to need some help from my support system that I’ve been cultivating for the last few months. The reality is that I feel like I’ve been at the Biggest Loser Ranch for 3 months and now I have to go home and get the job done on my own. I know I can do it, but I’ve also promised myself if I’m failing to make progress, I will call Maggie and get back on track. So, what I need from my dear readers, fans, friends, and family, is to be supportive and come out and join me for a 5k some time! You can do it!

I have a book recommendation for today to inspire you to be your best no matter where you are on this journey. It’s called Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now by Jayne Williams. Check it out!

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